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King Tree Specialists, INC.

Tree and Stump Removal

We safely remove and prune trees with the most advanced tree care methods available today. We are Safe, Educated, Professional, and Qualified.

Our Purpose

Trees often need to be removed for a variety of reasons – poor structure, improper location, insects, disease, or dying but our ISA Certified Arborists are trained to help you make the best decision.

If we can save your trees, we won’t be shy, we’ll do our best to keep your trees alive.


Our tree crews consist of trained climbers and aerial lift specialists that remove trees in a controlled manner in order to protect surrounding structures, lawns, patios, gardens, etc.

We work directly with local crane operators to safely remove even the most challenging trees. Our goal on every job site is to leave the lawn and landscape cleaner than we found it, just like we learned growing up.

Stump Grinding
Stump grinding is completed after the tree has been removed. We grind stumps below the soil surface, remove excess debris, and backfill with a premium topsoil/compost blend, leaving you with a rich environment for planting grass seed. If you wish to replant in the area, we can provide a deeper grind. We suggest planting any large replacement trees nearby the area for optimal root growth development.

Let’s Enhance your propety.