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King Tree Specialists, INc.

Mulch and Firewood 

Caring for trees is not all we do at King Tree, we recycle tree waste and turn it into a reusable resource. 

Mulch and Firewood Sales

Our process is simple, we recycle tree pruning and removal waste to create a premium quality mulch product that enhances your property, improves soil structure, and retains moisture in the soil.

Our mulch breaks down to feed microorganisms that in turn nurture plants and make soil a better home for roots.

We offer pick-up and delivery for our mulch and firewood products.  We also offer a quick and easy Grab-N-Go bundle you can pick up on-site for the weekend getaway.


Mulch Sales

Dark Brown (Dyed)

Natural Mulch (No Dye)

Firewood Sales

At King Tree Specialists, we believe there is nothing better than telling stories by the campfire with family and friends.

Call for pricing.

We’re located right here in Groveland, IL just off of Springfield Rd. 

Our mulch is made right here on the farm, double processed, and screened for size with absolutely no unknown wood waste added.

Let us enhance your property.