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King Tree Specialists, Inc.

Plant Health Care

We believe the most important aspect of plant health care is maintaining a healthy relationship between plant, soil, and the surrounding environment. By keeping your trees healthy, you can ensure that pests and diseases will be deterred from infestation or infection. Every ounce of plant health care you invest into your property will truly make a difference in plant vigor and longevity. As a team of ISA Certified Arborists, we are trained and educated in the most advanced management programs for your plants, soil, and entire property.  Our team is able to address and manage items hidden to the untrained eye.

Did you know?

Our team monitors the vulnerable stages of insects and diseases throughout the year to ensure optimal timing of treatment.

Number of trees and shrubs our Plant Health Care program maintains annually.

Plant Health Care

We understand that every property is different, we work directly with you and your soil to create a customized prescription for your trees and shrubs.  KingRx Tree and Shrub Fertilizer is a blend of organic material and carbon sources that we directly inject into the soil where your plants need it the most.  We’ve worked hard to provide you with the best tree and shrub fertilizer available to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs.

Insect & Disease Control

We can help you protect your investment in the landscape.  Insect and Disease management program can protect your landscape from the damaging effects that may be caused by local insect and disease threats.

We begin with a thorough inspection of your landscape, our professionally trained arborists will identify any insect and disease problems and provide control, along with careful, routine monitoring and proper maintenance.

Insects and diseases target plants that are already in poor health or under environmental stress. Our arborists make it their first priority to restore the health of your trees and shrubs. Our goal is to use low-impact methods and keep the health of our environment in mind.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Informed by the site inspection and soil analysis, our arborists will create a plan for fertilization and soil treatment that will provide your trees and shrubs with what they need to recover and maintain their health.

Deep root fertilization is a valuable technique we use at King Tree Specialists to deliver soil treatments and nutrients directly to the root system of your tree or shrub.  In performing deep root fertilization, the arborists use specialized hydraulic equipment to inject liquid fertilizer and soil enhancers directly  into the root zone about six to eight inches beneath the surface.

Injecting fertilizer and soil amendments into the ground under pressure efficiently replenishes depleted soil with nutrients. It also disperses and aerates compacted soil, allowing water and oxygen to reach the root hairs where absorption takes place.


Property Consultations

We provide our clients with state-of-the-art arboriculture consulting services.  We deliver solutions, proven plans, and results that preserve your trees in the landscape.  We are a team of ISA Certified Arborists with years of experience working in the tree care industry with relationships built through residential clients, commercial clients, and municipal.

We take pride in providing you with tree and landscape appraisals, tree risk assessments, and tree inventories.  Our goal is to protect the urban forest, reduce environmental impact, and help enhance our client’s properties.